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We Love Hide The Best In The World Rar

Alema Rar was born around 10 ABY into one of the most dangerous ryll dens of Kala'uun, the largest underground city of the Twi'lek homeworld, Ryloth. The Force-sensitive Twi'lek had a sister, Numa Rar, with whom she formed a close bond as they worked together as enslaved dancers, earning money to survive.[1][11][12] They grew up together in the cave warrens of Ryloth, and throughout her life Rar retained her preference for confined spaces.[13] Together, they witnessed much of the cruelty and hardships of the galaxy. As a dancer on Ryloth, Rar would learn the grace and dexterity which would aid her in lightsaber combat in years to come, as well as the feminine charm found alluring by so many males.[1] She came to love dancing,[10] despite her status as a slave.[11] Eventually, the Rar sisters were rescued from their hand-to-mouth existence when they were discovered by Jedi Knight Daeshara'cor,[1] who purchased their freedom once she recognized their innate talent in the Force.[11]

We Love Hide The Best In The World Rar

The time for the ceremony arrived, and Rar and the others who had accompanied her on the mission waited on a stage in a large auditorium as Chief of State Omas delivered a short speech venerating the Jedi who had died. Luke Skywalker then took the podium and ushered individual Jedi forward to be knighted. Rar was the third to receive her new robes. In a short, personal address from Skywalker, Rar was told that she would always find love and friendship with the Jedi; the Jedi Master's words reduced the Twi'lek to tears. After a evening reception thrown in their honor, the new Jedi Knights journeyed to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk, where Bothan admiral Traest Kre'fey was planning for a string of minor offensives against the Yuuzhan Vong in order to improve the experience of new rookie recruits. Admiral Kre'fey had been particularly interested by the Jedi art of battle meditation and the Force Meld, which he felt could be vital in coordinating strikes against the Yuuzhan Vong. Rar was also sent to Kashyyyk for another reason; it was hoped by the Jedi Masters on the High Council that with her companions, and with the Force Meld, the Twi'lek Jedi's grief and anger could be held at bay, until the emotions were eventually overcome.[6]

By 27 ABY, a streak of selfishness and narcissism had emerged in Rar's character. The Twi'lek also adopted a worldview in which pragmatic action held predominance.[1] The deaths of those whom she loved caused fractures in Rar's emotional state, which were exploited with ease by the Sith Master Lomi Plo. Plo acted as an enabler for Rar's rage and grief, allowing them to become guiding aspects of the Twi'lek's personality.[8] Despite the fact that she remained in thrall to vengeance for the rest of her life, however, Rar proved at the moment of her death that she had not wholly forgotten the individual she had once been before the Yuuzhan Vong came to the galaxy.[2]

Such is the price of chaste love. Every desire for enjoyment belongs to the future and the world of illusion, whereas if we desire only that a being should exist, he exists: what more is there to desire? The beloved being is then naked and real, not veiled by an imaginary future. The miser never looks at his treasure without imagining it n times larger. It is necessary to be dead in order to see things in their nakedness.

God has created a world which is not the best possible, but which contains the whole range of good and evil. We are at the point where it is as bad as possible; for beyond is the stage where evil becomes innocence. 350c69d7ab


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