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Chaotic Sword God To 17.epub

Issei also gained the ability to create clothes out of thin air, creating a uniform for himself. This one consists of a long-sleeved black coat with light green accents, including the shoulder epaulettes that has a brown Sam Browne belt running diagonally over the right shoulder and two rows of gold buttons down the front. Along with this, he wears a pair of white gloves and a white webbing belt with a golden plate on his waist. He also wears the uniform's pants and black boots that go over his pants' leggings. He now also wields Ginnungagap's sword, the Sword of Silence.

Chaotic Sword God To 17.epub

After the events with the Abyss Demon, Trihexa, Issei found the lost sword of Ginnungagap, where he ended up befriending the God who dwelt there, who was Ginnungagap himself. Initially, he and the god of the abyss had a rivalry, with Ginnungagap always trying to possess Issei's body and trying to corrupt him with frightening memories involving Raynare and other difficult times in Issei's life. However, Issei managed to overcome these problems caused by Ginnungagap and managed to earn admiration from the God of Nothing. As time passed, the two became friends and Issei asked for the power of Ginnungagap to be able to fight the forces of darkness and chaos like The Darkness and Pulchra, something the God to Issei's surprise accepted. 350c69d7ab


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