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What is a Draw No Bet, and What are the Most Effective Strategies? Wednesday, 8th September 2021

Understanding what Draw No Bet (DNB) entails and exploring the most efficient strategies for this type of wager is crucial for any sports bettor. When opting for this type of betting, there are key factors to consider. Let's delve into the details in this comprehensive guide brought to you by under 2.5 soccer tips 

  1. Understanding Draw No Bet Draw No Bet, also known as DNB or 0 Draw, is one of the most popular Asian handicap betting options today. This type of bet usually occurs when there is minimal difference between the two competing teams in various aspects.

In situations where the teams are evenly matched, there won't be a handicap involved. Additionally, Draw No Bet commonly appears when two evenly matched teams participate in tournaments like the Euro, World Cup, and…

nhi linh
nhi linh

Corner Betting – How to Play Like an Expert

Players are already very familiar with simple bets like European, Asian, or Over/Under bets. This is why more and more new forms of betting are emerging to increase the excitement of football matches. Corner bets are one of these new forms. So why not change up your usual strategy and try corner betting? This new form of betting is sure to make the game more interesting.

Understanding Corner Bets

Corner bets, often called "corners," is a relatively new form of online betting. With this type of bet, you don't need to wait for the match's outcome to see which team wins or loses or what the score is. The focus here is on predicting the number of corner kicks awarded by the referee in the match you are watching.

In this type of football betting, depending on the nature of the…

Guide to Reading Football Betting Odds for New Players

With the aim of helping football betting players, especially new members who are participating in online betting for the first time and are still unfamiliar with reading football odds, this article will share how to read football odds on the Sports product at the online entertainment website Rồng Hổ. Let's start learning about football betting tips!

Knowing how to read online football odds is essential for any online bettor. When entering the world of football betting, grasping how to view betting odds is the most crucial aspect. Specifically, it is necessary to understand it accurately and in detail. Only when you understand this essential aspect can you proceed with placing bets. Football betting has become a game that attracts a lot of interest from players because the profits from betting can make you rich extremely quickly. Besides traditional betting, you can…

hanoi phoco
hanoi phoco

Guide to Easily Understand Football Betting Odds for Beginners

In the "General Discussions" forum.

Understanding the odds provided by bookmakers is one of the fundamental aspects that players need to grasp when engaging in football betting. These odds serve as the bridge and foundation for our betting decisions.

The latest master soccer prediction odds analysis, and match predictions, are essential for making informed decisions. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to interpret football betting odds, tailored specifically for you.

Understanding the Three Main Types of Betting Odds

The three most common types of betting odds in football betting are: European Handicap, Asian Handicap, and Over/Under (O/U). To bet accurately and effectively, players first need to understand how each type of odds is presented, as they vary significantly. Here's a detailed breakdown of these three types of odds:


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