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Finding Carter - Season 2

I'll continue to say that the core of the show is a family recovering from an unimaginable trauma, and the show is its strongest when it remembers that. Unlike last season, David is supporting Elizabeth through her pain and insecurity instead of resenting her for it. His reassurances to her are strengthening to both of them.

Finding Carter - Season 2

We've got a long road ahead of us, Finding Carter fans. MTV announced last week that Finding Carter was renewed for Season 2 and my head was spinning trying to figure out how the series could possibly top its first season. I mean, this show is amazing and if you're not already emotionally invested in the wellbeing of Max and Taylor's relationship, you will be soon. But what will happen in Season 2, besides (hopefully) the continuation of Max and Taylor's perfect romance? Finding Carter 's Elizabeth, Cynthia Watros, opened up to Bustle about the possibility of learning her character's backstory next season.

According to Watros, the rest of this season's episodes are pretty jam-packed with drama. "I think the remainder of this season is really going to be about a lot going on," she says. "I don't know how much you're going to see of before and Elizabeth's backstory." That's something I'd started to wonder about early in this season, but that became especially intriguing when Bustle writer Nicole Pomarico presented the theory that Elizabeth's mother, Grandma Joan, might be involved in Carter's kidnapping.

So, can we expect to get that out of Season 2? The first season of Finding Carter has been less about the time during/before Carter's kidnapping (except for her flashbacks of Lori) and more about where the family's at right now. That's where all of the action is, so it makes perfect sense. But as fans keep speculating about David being involved in Carter's kidnapping, MTV's going to have to give us the answers at some point.

Seeing no other way in, Peggy comes up with a plan to steal the key from Roxxon's president, Hugh Jones. She goes to the office to run her plan before Chief Sousa first, but finds everyone celebrating his engagement. She takes him aside and tells him her plan, and the two of them get a new gadget, a memory inhibitor, from Dr. Samberly in the lab. Sometime later, Peggy while disguised as a ditzy Roxxon employee sneaks into Hugh Jones' office when his secretary leaves for lunch. Hugh Jones comes out of a back room into the office while she's searching for a key, and, since he doesn't recognize her from their last encounter, starts flirting with her. He leaves her to go to lunch, but on his way down he remembers she's an SSR agent. Jones storms back into his office, but Peggy stops him from calling the police by using the memory inhibitor on him. He doesn't know who she is when he comes to, but again remembers while on his way to lunch. She uses the device on him again, and while he's down Peggy realizes the key is probably on his body somewhere. She uses the inhibitor on him a few more times as she searches him, eventually finding the key in his belt buckle.

Sousa and Jarvis rush Peggy to Violet's since they can't go to a hospital without risking the Council of Nine finding them. Violet tends to Peggy's wound, but realizes that her fiancé has feelings for Peggy. Meanwhile, Whitney Frost tries to come up with a new plan to get more Zero Matter, and suggests her husband go to Hugh Jones. Chadwick, however, puts his foot down, and refuses to go to the council. Whitney grabs his chin when he refuses to calm down. Later, once his wife has fallen asleep, Calvin Chadwick calls for an emergency meeting of the Council. Jarvis takes the bandaged Peggy back to Stark's mansion and tucks her into bed. Jason tries to comfort her by pointing out that the place the Zero Matter comes from is so much more painful than what she feels now, but doesn't say how he knows this. Peggy turns on the radio, but Jason Wilkes disappears as his song plays.

The drama was a strong ratings performer in its first season, ranking as the No. 1 new cable series with 12-34-year-olds and teens, but ratings dipped in Season 2. Finding Carter was executive produced by Terri Minsky (Carrie Diaries), Deborah Spera (Army Wives), Maria Grasso (Army Wives), and Alexander Motlagh (Single Ladies), and was created by Emily Silver (Bones).

Just when you thought things on Finding Carter couldn't get any crazier, the final run of episodes in season one had a shooting, a coma, and another abduction. MTV's kidnapping/family drama was not holding back.

"Season two will deal with the fallout from everything that went down at the end of season one," series star Alex Saxon tells E! News. "Plus, now Carter's [Kathryn Prescott] gone for the second time, and Max is worried about her all over again."

Quick recap of season one finale: Carter was drugged and abducted by her fake mom Lori (Milena Govich) again, while Max (Saxon) lashed out at everyone after waking up from his coma, breaking up with Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron) as a result.

"They got so close so quickly in season one," Saxon says. "To then have that blow up, it sets them back a little bit. They are going to try to mend things and get back together and move forward, but sometimes the ramifications of what happened leaves you in different places. To try to rewind and be together may prove to be difficult as far as how they want to move forward together."

Finding Carter is a awesome show. Season 1 was better I agree, but season 2 was pretty good as well. They should have just fixed a few things. I think they should give finding carter a second chance. ABC family has gaven shows second chances before. I think they should just redeem themself in this next chapter

"They were finding seams, picking pockets, scoring goals like it was no (problem)," said Vancouver forward Bo Horvat, who had a power-play goal and an assist. "They're fun to watch, (it's) fun to play with those guys on the power play, and my job is to give 'em outs in the middle."

Pettersson had three goals through his first 11 games after scoring 28 times in 71 games during his rookie season, leading to questions about a sophomore slump. Boeser, who added an assist for his own four-point game, laughed off those concerns and noted the impact Pettersson was having as a playmaker.

Carter put the Kings ahead 1-0 at 3:53 after faking out Markstrom and beating him with a backhand. Kopitar had the primary assist, finding Carter alone in the slot on the rush, for his 900th point in 1,016 games.

NOTES: Canucks LW Micheal Ferland did not return after sustaining an upper-body injury in the first period. Ferland's last game action was a fight with Kings LW Kyle Clifford. ... Kings RW Tyler Toffoli was a healthy scratch, ending his streak of consecutive games played at 207. ... Kempe scored his first goal of the season while playing in his 200th NHL game. . Hughes had three assists. 041b061a72


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